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Jonathan I. Arons has been an ethics lawyer for over 30 years, longer than many attorneys have been practicing. This level of experience matters when you are faced with a disciplinary proceeding. As most lawyers know, with experience comes familiarity with the judges, prosecutors, court clerks and others involved in the disciplinary process.

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When you are faced with a disciplinary action, you need someone to hear your side of the case. We make it a point to carefully listen to your perspective and make recommendations on your case unique to your facts and circumstances. Getting honest advice and managing your expectations is critical in the disciplinary process. We know that when you receive good advice, you can better prepare yourself for any potential outcome.

We practice in the area of attorney ethics and professional responsibility because we are honored to work for and with attorneys. Our profession is a challenging one and we appreciate that in the work that we do. This is why we focus not only on disciplinary defense but also legal ethics consulting in order to advise attorneys before an issue arises.

If you are seeking reinstatement or facing challenges to initial bar admission, you may feel frustrated by the obstacles facing them. We know that a compassionate advocate can assist you find a way to address any hurdles that prevent you from practicing.

Located in San Francisco, and practicing primarily in the Bay Area, we have been involved with matters all over California, often serving as an expert witness. Our firm is ready to help. See Jonathan’s attorney profile below for more information about his background.

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