Even Attorneys Need Counsel

Receiving Notice Of An Ethics Complaint Can Be Emotional

You have been notified that a client (or a judge or another attorney) has filed an ethics complaint against you. Your initial reaction may be frustration, anger, anguish or even surprise. Regardless, receiving notice of a complaint often results in a very unpleasant feeling for an attorney. As lawyers, we work to help clients and to develop a solid professional reputation in our specific legal community and area of practice. A complaint makes us question our professional conduct — something which we all take very seriously. The fact that we get emotional about receiving a notice of a complaint means that we are not in a great position to represent ourselves. At this point, consider hiring experienced discipline counsel.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Represent Yourself In A Disciplinary Proceeding

A disciplinary matter seems like something you can handle, right? You’re a lawyer after all, so this legal proceeding should be like any other. But a disciplinary proceeding isn’t an ordinary legal proceeding. When you represent clients in your practice, you are able to be objective. If you are the attorney facing potential discipline, you are not in a position to be objective. Your inclination may be to turn over every document and piece of evidence, whether required or not. This is a mistake. You need objective advice from an attorney who is well versed in California professional responsibility and ethics and the attorney discipline process.

Trust Your Case To An Attorney Who Is Known

When we walk into a disciplinary proceeding, there is an integrity that comes with us by virtue of our work defending clients in the disciplinary process. When we present an argument, the credibility we have amassed over the past decades of work comes with us. The judges and prosecutors know that we are direct, honest and knowledgeable. Because of this, our clients have the advantage of our credibility on their side throughout the disciplinary action. Our firm is well-known for great advocacy on behalf of attorneys and we pride ourselves on this reputation. We are also counselors. Whatever you are facing, whether it resulted from criminal activities or an innocent oversight, you should hire a lawyer who will really listen to you and give you the counsel you need.

If you are faced with a disciplinary action, don’t go it alone. Whether you are in the San Francisco area or greater California, give us a call at 415-957-1818 or email us to discuss the matter with an attorney.