Avoid Ethical Pitfalls By Being Prepared

If you prefer a proactive and preventive approach to professional conduct problems, we can help you with such vexing and recurrent problems as:

  • Attorney-client fee disputes
  • Multiple representation and disqualification problems
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Trust account management
  • Questions about ex parte contacts, communications with witnesses or unrepresented parties, or contact with judges or court personnel
  • Attorney’s liens, return of files, and withdrawal from representation
  • Partnership, employment or contractual relations with lawyers under practice restrictions

The Rules In California Are Changing: How Does This Affect Your Practice?

The State Bar of California Rules of Professional Conduct are in the process of a major overhaul, and a substantially new set of rules will be issued within the next couple of years. If you or your partners have any questions about a sticky ethical issue under the current rules, or if you need to know which of your standard office practices will need to change under the forthcoming rules, our firm can counsel you through this change. Get advice now so you can work to prevent potential for ethical complaints and attorney discipline.

Ethical Issues Can Arise From Any Area Of Your Practice

At any point in a case, a lawyer may be faced with an ethical question. Sometimes issues occur in your interactions with other attorneys or in court. Thinking through some common problems ahead of time can help ease your mind as you develop your practice. Knowing the potential issues and implementing effective practice policies and procedures can help you avoid an ethical complaint in the future. We can perform an ethics rules compliance audit for your firm that can serve as a cost-effective inoculation against future attorney discipline problems.

Whether you need advice on a narrow question or want a thorough review of your firm’s professional conduct exposure, a discussion with our firm can assist you in all ethics related matters. We are located in San Francisco, but we counsel lawyers and law firms throughout California. Call us at 415-957-1818 to schedule an appointment or send your inquiry online.