Bar Admission And Reinstatement Issues

We advise and represent law graduates whose past criminal record or academic discipline — or even credit history — can raise problems with the moral character component of the application to the State Bar of California. We also advise lawyers whose past disciplinary problems have been serious enough to require that they apply for full reinstatement following a period of law license suspension and probation, resignation or disbarment.

We Can Assist You With Bar Admission Problems

Applicants for initial admission to the state bar must complete a lengthy questionnaire intended to determine the candidate’s moral fitness to serve as a California attorney. The information elicited by the moral character application covers not only criminal offenses, including DUI or minor in possession of alcohol, but also such matters as academic discipline in college or law school, problems with the bar admission in other states, professional misconduct in prior employment or other licensed professions or unsatisfied judgments and debts.

We can advise you on the necessity of candor required in the moral character determination process. Our experience with the State Bar of California admissions process provides bar applicants an advantage in the informal conference where initial denial of admission can often be resolved in the applicant’s favor. If the conference yields no useful result, then we can represent you in an appeal of that denial which is filed in the State Bar Court.

Get Your Law License Back: Reinstatement Can Be Accomplished

California lawyers seeking reinstatement to the state bar can face difficult challenges in meeting the standards for restoring their professional good standing. The candidate for reinstatement normally must show a thorough understanding of the rules which he or she had previously violated, and depending on the nature of the violation, might sometimes need to demonstrate a commitment to ongoing measures to prevent further violations. In essence one must show fitness to practice and present learning in the law.

An integral part of reinstatement applications is the disciplined attorney’s “personal statement.” Total candor, complete acceptance of responsibility, and evidence of whatever rehabilitative measures that might apply to the given offense are the keys to an effective reinstatement petition.

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