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Practice Areas Overview

California Professional Conduct - Lawyer Ethics

If you're facing charges of professional misconduct in the California State Bar Court, or if you're having problems obtaining or reinstating your license to practice law, San Francisco professional ethics lawyer Jonathan Arons' familiarity with California attorney licensing and disciplinary processes can help you. For further information about your options and what he can do to protect your interests, contact Jonathan Arons in downtown San Francisco.

Northern California professional responsibility attorney Jonathan Arons has advised lawyers on ethics issues and defended attorneys in disciplinary proceedings for more than 25 years. These are some of the areas of particular focus for his practice:

  • State Bar Court Defense. Jonathan Arons represents lawyers in attorney discipline cases that can result in reproval, suspension or disbarment. In many cases, his intercession between the investigators, the prosecutors, and you can achieve a reduction or elimination of the most serious charges and negotiation of a sanction that can let you continue to practice law.
  • Professional Responsibility and Ethics Advice. Whether you need dependable advice on a particular conflicts issue or client fee dispute, or want more general guidance about avoiding ethical violations in your practice and office management systems, Jonathan Arons can provide sound guidance based on his long experience with the California Rules of Professional Conduct, the State Bar Act, and other professional ethics codes.
  • California State Bar Admission and Reinstatement. Jonathan Arons advises and represents law graduates, attorneys from out of state, and lawyers under suspension in situations where admission to the State Bar of California or reinstatement as an attorney in good standing could be complicated by prior discipline, past arrests, academic or employment problems.
  • Expert Witness Services If you need an expert opinion or testimony on an issue of legal malpractice, compliance with the Rules of Professional Conduct, or matters relating to disqualification or conflict of interest, Jonathan Arons can support the claims of either the plaintiff or the defendant as an expert witness anywhere in the United States.

For additional information about his ability to protect your standing in the California Bar or for defense in a disciplinary case, contact San Francisco professional ethics lawyer Jonathan Arons.